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[+]How do I get started?

[+]Are concrete coatings hotter than bare concrete?

[+]How long will my concrete coatings last?

[+]Do I have to reseal my concrete coatings?

[+]How is our material applied?

[+]What surfaces can the coatings be applied to?

[+]How long does the process take?

[+]What time of year can the coatings be applied?

[+]Do I have to remove my old kool deck before acrylic coatings are applied?

[+]How do acrylic finishes compare to real stone?

[+]Is there any obligation if I make an appointment for you to come to my house?


I appreciate the job you and your company did surfacing our deck. Your crew was professional, courteous and very clean.

Tonia K 
Mesa AZ

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